Brits who have had Covid feel ‘invincible’ against catching it again

Brits who have had Covid feel “invincible” – because they don’t believe they will get it again, a study has found.

A poll of 2,000 adults, who have had the virus, found over half (54 percent) felt a new lease of life once they were fully recovered.

While three in ten said their attitudes had changed towards the way they feel about certain rules – with 13 percent happy to attend places with large crowds, without feeling anxious.

Two-thirds feel more relaxed about wearing masks in public, and 63 percent aren’t as bothered when it comes to regularly washing their hands.

A further 45 percent also say being vaccinated has contributed to making them feel less vulnerable.

The study was commissioned by Medicspot, a government-recognised Covid test provider, whose spokesman said: “There is a sense of freedom once you've had the virus.

“People can develop a mindset whereby they think that catching it once means you won’t be at risk of having it again.

“Feelings towards certain restrictions change as we become less worried and more convinced that it won’t happen for a second time.”

The study found four in ten know someone who feels confident about not getting the virus again since they caught it.

And despite just a quarter believing once you’ve had Covid you can no longer get it or any variation of it, 38 percent aren’t worried about testing positive again.

It also emerged 56 percent would still be less worried about if they had it or not due to the longevity of the virus.

A further 36 percent admit they’re less concerned about hearing that people they know have caught it, according to the OnePoll study.

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More than half of Covid survivors reckon it wasn’t as bad as they feared, but 13 percent admit they didn’t know what to expect.

Almost two-thirds have suffered from common colds or flu since the pandemic, and 56 percent believe they suffered more than usual after not having dealt with them for a long time.

Researchers found three in ten adults have become less tolerant towards the ever-changing restrictions, while more than half were more cautious going about their daily lives at the start of the pandemic than they are now.

The spokesman for Medicspot added: “It’s important to remember that catching Covid does not mean that you can’t get it again.

“The level of protection from natural immunity may vary from natural immunity depending on how mild or severe the illness was.

“Getting a Covid-19 vaccine after you recover from infection has been shown to provide added protection to your immune system.”

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