The Sweetest Photos of Brittany Matthews' Baby Bump

Baby Makes Three

Matthews announced her pregnancy news in September, shortly after she and Mahomes, who began dating in their teens, got engaged.

“Mom & Dad, taking a small detour to the wedding❤️,” she wrote in a celebratory social media post alongside two photos with her fiancé, in which she held up a sonogram as Mahomes hugged her belly.

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Her Furst Baby

“My first child💕,” Matthews captioned a photo alongside one of her pups. She added, “…but will be promoted from #dogmom soon🤣❤️” 

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Bump and Vibe

“Bumpin’ & vibin’ with my people❤️,” Matthews wrote on Instagram alongside a series of photos from a Kansas City Chiefs game. In one photo, she cradled her grow bump and smiled for the camera. 

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One Strong Mama

Matthews, who is a fitness trainer, has continued to workout throughout her pregnancy, bringing her bump along for the burn. 

“Listening to my body, and just keeping it moving is where I’m at right now,” she wrote on Instagram. “Everyone is different, every pregnancy journey is different, but we are all mamas creating a beautiful child and that is such a blessing!!”

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Work It, Girl

In one video of her workout, the 25-year-old wore a matching pink velour set and rubbed her baby bump. 

She did have to address some mommy shamers who thought she shouldn’t be working out.

Matthews tweeted that she “truly had no idea how many people actually think working out during pregnancy is not good….my oh my.”

“Do your research peeps, there’s lots of new info out,” she added. 

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Game Day Gal

“Baby girls starting to make an appearance, she told me she can’t wait for game daysss💞🤩,” Matthews captioned a game day photo. 

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Pretty in Pink

Matthews looked gorgeous in pink while celebrating her baby shower. She and Mahomes previously announced that they’re having a baby girl, so the shower was a pink affair! 

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Showered with Love

Matthews wrote a message of thanks to her friends for making it to the shower. “Thanks to my gals for going to TX to shower baby girl & I,” the mama-to-be wrote alongside one photo, before going on to explain that she and her loved ones had all “quarantined and been COVID tested.”

“Thankful to have amazing close friends & family that will stay safe for the sake of me & my baby girl,” she added.

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Mom Squad

Looks like the mom-to-be has some pretty great role models. Matthews posted a photo to her Instagram Story with her mother, A.K.A. the “best mom.” 

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In-Law Love

Matthews posed with her future in-laws in one photo, with Mahomes’ mother, Randi, captioning the pic, “So blessed! A perfect day to celebrate 💕💗💕💗.”

The athlete’s 19-year-old brother Jackson also shared a few snaps from the happy day on social media, captioning one smiling shot, “love celebrating YOU & BABY GIRL.”

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Bumpin’ Along

Matthews cradled her growing bump while cheering on Mahomes in December. 

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Give a Twirl

Looks like Matthews is ready to strut, spin and twirl into motherhood! 

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